By Vapemap

Available in : 0 Mg of Nicotine

Bottle of 60ML filled at 50 Ml Boosted in aromas

Looking for the flavor you will vape all day long without being tired of it ?

Vapemap has you covered. We have incorporated a variety of flavors that will make you travel between your fruity and greedy moments,leaving your taste buds tingling with a taste for more.

Unlike most e-Juices on the market today, ours has undergone months of testing to perfectly balance the flavors to what our customer liked most. 


Thanks to our vape specialists this premium e-liquid is unique to Vapemap. You won’t find flavors like these all around the market.


Designed in Belgium, Made in the USA.

Xvault Rush - X Punch
Your invited to ou party, and let me present you our drink of the night. Smooth peaches are perfectly blended with fresh apples and strawberries and a hint of vodka.

Enjoy your Night
Xvault - X Granate
A juicy pomegranate with delicious ripe black berries and a fresh touch ! Everything you need to enjoy the arrival of Summer.
Xvault - X Crumble
A Light Cereal crumble delight with an intriguing blend of fruits and a touch of milk.

Get you day started with the X Crumble
Xvault - Gummy Fix
Your favorite sour gummy bear candies in one bottle. You’ll be able to taste different candy flavors with every vape. Strawberry, apple, watermelon, and peaches
Xvault Rush - Sweet Frost
A refreshingly fruity twist perfect for the hot weathers where you just want to cool off and relax. Flavors of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries that are frozen into an icicle and blended together
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