America Juice Co represents state of the art manufacturing in an industry that does not look backwards. Our goal is to provide end users with an experience, not just a product. This is done through quality control, precision, and consistency on every level every single day. We house one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the vape industry and we are setting the standard in regard to production, supply chain management, and boutique manufacturing. 

Our vision as a company is a TOBACCO FREE WORLD. We want to continue to be on the forefront of the vape industry by providing people with the latest in technology and quality. We do this all while keeping up with FDA demands, standards, and deadlines to ensure our customers that America Juice Co is in it for the long haul.

We believe that Wild Hemp represents beauty and that the product itself is truly magical for those who given it a go. It is made with quality ingredients sourced from the Colorado mountains. It contains 0% THC, which means it is non psychoactive, and it is 100% farm bill compliant.

 Rest assured, we follow a strict CO2 extraction process which allows us as a company to stay away from any heavy

metals or pesticides. Doing so enhances our Broad Spectrum mix and taste.

Wild Hemp in Europe is distributed by Vapemap


WILD HEMP - 150 Mg Broad Spectrum
Our 150 MG CBD tincture is best for those just needing a taste. Whether it's a beloved pet or  just a little moment for you, the 150mg bottle is a great way to be introduced to the wonderful benefits of CBD

Our Broad Spectrum Extract is infused in organic Vegetable Glycerine
WILD HEMP - 300 Mg Broad Spectrum
Our 300 MG CBD tincture is great for those who want to test the waters. With 10 MG per serving it will let you know what to expect.

Our Broad Spectrum Extract is infused in organic Vegetable Glycerine
WILD HEMP - 500 Mg Broad Spectrum
Our 500 MG CBD tincture is perfect for maintaining balance to your every day life. This is our favorite for those who have experienced wonderful relief by implementing this daily.

Our Broad Spectrum Extract is infused in organic Vegetable Glycerine
WILD HEMP - 1000 Mg Broad Spectrum
Our 1000 MG CBD tincture is for those who are needing a little extra push. This is great for helping provide relief to a variety of ailments and conditions. Too much stress ? Just a drop in your tank and relax ...

Our Broad Spectrum Extract is infused in organic Vegetable Glycerine
WILD HEMP - 1500 Mg Broad Spectrum
Our 1500 MG CBD tincture is for those who need it most. 10 times more concentrated than the 150MG a little will go a long way.

Our Broad Spectrum Extract is infused in organic Vegetable Glycerine
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WILD HEMP - 1000 Mg Water Soluble
WILD HEMP 1000 Mg is the dosage you should look for to make your life easier when suffering from some pains or stress.
Nano emulsified makes the CBD more Bio-available to the body.
The water soluble Broadspectrum is made by using molecular nano encapsulation, in order to benefit from a better first pass in the Hepatic system.
Enjoy 100% of the Broadspectrum benefits !
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Wild Hemp products are made from broad spectrum hemp oil grown and extracted in the mountains of  Colorado.

This product contains 0% THC.

The broad spectrum oil we use is farm bill compliant and regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Our CO2 is extracted with no heavy metals or pesticides. All COA lab reports can be found on our Support page.


Our CBD products are reserved for clients over 18 years old. Visitors to this site are aware that we post & provide hemp related content & products. Some of our products may be illegal in some countries; it is therefore imperative to first check the legislation of the country of destination of the goods before any order.


In this respect, we are not responsible for the people who would buy from our company to hold, sell, import, export, transform our products, without respecting the various laws in force in the states of the European Union.

Non-food product, Do not swallow, our extracts are not drugs, CBD is not a medecine, Forbidden for children and pregnant women.


Vapemap Europe declines all responsibility for the misuse of our products.