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USV VOTECH CKS distributed by vapemap Europe

We are UNITED SOCIETY OF VAPE. We are simply a group of vapers and design junkies who enjoy creating quality hardware with innovative design. We noticed the industry steadily grows, yet the products hitting the streets lack originality and we want to see that change.

We are all about taking care of our fam whether you: are an ex-smoker, spend hours building intricate coils, are always chasing the newest ejuice flavor while tricking and flossing on Instagram, or you simply love to vape.

We strive to bring the cleanest and freshest looking hardware for those seeking simple, refined and quality vape products. Headquartered in both Orange County California, and Palm Harbor, FL, we are involved in the creation of our hardware from top to bottom. This means we create our own designs, source our own parts, build and quality test, and bring the design to reality through manufacturing the products ourselves and with chosen partners. This is the only way to ensure only the highest quality USV hardware can grace your fingertips.

USV in Europe is distributed by Vapemap

Vo.Tech in Europe is distributed by Vapemap

CKS in Europe is distributed by Vapemap



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