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Engraving is my new love affair with art. I fell in love with this form of art while rebuilding tattoo machines and wanted to dress them up. After some research and getting some tools, I'm addicted to it, I get great satisfaction knowing the piece I create for someone will bring a smile to their face.

As I developed my own art style I started to wonder how I could apply this new skill to both benefit my family and enable me to share my art with other people. It wasn't long before I picked up a tattoo machine and was applying my art to my body and any other body that would sit still long enough for me to place my art on them. The world of tattooing became the new dream for my future. While family and friends questioned my dream I never gave up and their doubt made me more determined. My self motivation pressed me to learn everything I could about drawing and tattooing. My desire to learn more and hone my tattooing skill took me to apprentice in New York. I havn't looked back since, in fact, I met someone who taught me the art of being a craftsman who then became a friend for life. This new addition to my skill set has led to me wanting to share my art in more areas than tattooing, and it seemed only natural for me to take my art to painting and engraving.

In 2011 my love affair with art introduced me to engraving. I started engraving tattoo machines but everything metal started catching my eye andit wasn't long before I was engraving plaques, dogtag necklaces, tools, knives, car parts, motor cycle parts then graduated to engraving miniature engravings on coins. I currently spend lots of my time engraving on curved surfaces creating pieces of art for the vaping community. With art as a love I strive to better myself daily as a tattooer, painter, engraver, husband and father.


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