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Green Haze is an solution for people looking for an everyday use of CBD.

Born in the Colorado moutains, Wild hemp teamed up with American Juice co to bring you a flavourful experience.

After a long journey, Wild hemp CBD is mixed with the perfect blend of PG and VG in Texas.
The laboratories of American Juice co analysed the different blends until they reached maximum stability.

Green haze is a promise, a promise to get affordable CBD without any compromises in quality .

America Juice Co represents state of the art manufacturing in an industry that does not look backwards. Their goal is to provide end users with an experience, not just a product. This is done through quality control, precision, and consistency on every level every single day. They house one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the vape industry and they are setting the standard in regard to production, supply chain management, and boutique manufacturing. 

Green Haze in Europe is distributed by Vapemap




Our CBD products are reserved for clients over 18 years old. Visitors to this site are aware that we post & provide hemp related content & products. Some of our products may be illegal in some countries; it is therefore imperative to first check the legislation of the country of destination of the goods before any order.


In this respect, we are not responsible for the people who would buy from our company to hold, sell, import, export, transform our products, without respecting the various laws in force in the states of the European Union.

Non-food product, Do not swallow, our extracts are not drugs, CBD is not a medecine, Forbidden for children and pregnant women.


Vapemap Europe declines all responsibility for the misuse of our products.

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